Taste is the main driver when buying juices. The brand improved its most popular tastes, 7 out of 10 testers claimed that the improved Fruktoviy Sad tasted better than the juices they usually drank.

We converted survey results into actual voices of people as evidence of the improved taste and launched the first nation-wide mobile voice campaign in Russia. We called everyone who tried the new, improved Fruktoviy Sad to send their impressions in the most convenient way: through audio texts in messengers.

No SM communities or site hubs, just messengers and voices! Then the jury chaired by Nikolay Baskov, chose the most memorable reviews, they became the basis for the media campaign that broadcast on TV and radio, as well as was published on social media and in online videos.
GOLD. Вest integrated advertising campaign
GOLD. Вest PR campaign
Tagline Awards
GOLD. Digital Media Campaigns (Messenger Advertising)
GOLD. Best Use of Digital Audio Advertising
SILVER. Digital Media Campaigns (Mobile Campaign)
BRONZE. Social Media (Social Media Campaign)
MIXX Awards
BRONZE. Best Use of Mobile Devices
Silver Mercury
Fruktoviy Sad. The sound of taste.