Lockdown was a stressful time for many. Usual active lifestyle, daily commutes, shopping, meetings with friends… it all gave way for staying caged within the four walls.

Well, let us be honest, people do not need energy drinks during lockdowns, they need support.
It was essential for the brands to build a positive interaction with their audience, since after getting back outside, people would choose the ones that supported them during the hard times (and secured themselves in their impression as the top of mind).
Save your energy
It is a common truth that during lockdowns people suffer from increased stress, and WHO named physical activity a major way to combat it.
It was important for us to say that additionally to staying at home, we need to keep on moving. Hence, we found people on our social, who fought the blues and devised various exciting things without leaving their apartment. We made them the faces of our campaign, a series of the 6-second videos calling to save energy.
The campaign had largely positive audience response: ordinary people started to post thousands of funny videos with a hashtag #stayinghome about how they were surviving the lockdown and keeping their friends and themselves away from stress. We believe that we were able to make a tiny contribution to this survival.