Adrenaline Rush believes that everyone deserves to live exactly the life they want, and outdated stereotypes should not stop anyone. We made the "Yes, I need it all" campaign to help everyone realize how cool it is to be yourself, despite what others think.
To get out this message, we ensured the brand interaction with customers through a video manifesto to build trust and support for the brand idea. We made short films about our participants, where we covered social barriers. The OOH campaign reinforced the idea and visually reflected the spirit: "Yes, I need it all!".
We knocked down stereotypes via a special project together with the largest Russian social network — VKontakte. We released limited edition cans to reflect the key message: "Yes, I need it all!" as the essence of the campaign
Adrenaline Rush called upon getting away from stereotypes in the #NeedItAll campaign
Silver Mercury 2021
Winner in the nomination "digital campaigns" in the Interactive projects category
G8 2021
SILVER. Best marketing campaign with the predominant use of various digital tools
SILVER. Best strategy. Food and beverages
SILVER. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign
BRONZE. Best Video & Audio Content Development